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Wang Kai’s suit and tie were handsome and attended a charity event and received a love ambassador

19, Wang Kai dressed in a black suit appeared in public welfare activities, carbon-a care ambassador, said: “I think the public not to do something special occasion at a special time is enough, but to start from every little bit trivial.”

Ningbo Quality Supervision Bureau checks 8 batches of tie products, found no substandard products

Learned from the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision Website, the four quarter of 2015, the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of the production of tie products were supervision, conducted in Yinzhou, Haishu, Jiangdong, Fenghua and other 4 regions 8 enterprises in 8 batches of products, after inspection, found no unqualified products.
Consumer guide:
1: fabric: good tie, should be made of silk or wool. The polyester made tie can sometimes be used. In addition, the cotton, linen, cashmere, leather, leather, plastic, pearls and other objects made of neckties are not appropriate to wear.
2. Pattern: a necktie suitable for formal occasions, mainly a monochrome, patterned necktie, or a necktie with a geometric pattern of stripes, dots, squares, etc..
(a) a diagonal tie gives an impression of integrity, authority, poise, and reason, and is appropriate for occasions such as negotiation, sales, speeches, meetings, and meetings.
B) Fang Gezi and tie to point well, follow the prescribed order impression, suitable for meeting or meeting the boss and the elders on the first date.
(c) irregular patterns of neckties such as abstract paintings, geometric figures, amoebae, flowers and birds, etc., which give people the sense of originality, individuality, vitality and popularity. Such ties are best used at informal receptions, guest parties, or after work dates, and for friends’ dinners.
3, style: tie style is often subject to fashion. A tie has an arrow and a flat head. A tie with an arrow at the lower end appears to be more traditional and formal; a tie with a lower end is more fashionable and casual. In addition to keeping pace with the fashion, according to the routine, the width of the tie is best to be proportional to my bust and the collar of the jacket.

Talking about employee motivation from the color of Li Jiacheng’s necktie

This is a story worthy of deep thought. The staff’s enthusiasm for work is an eternal proposition of employee motivation. The story is small, but it reflects the three basic issues of enterprise in employee motivation.
Question 1: timing – when to motivate?
Anyone who has seen a dolphin show knows that every dolphin jumps a circle in the water. After an act, the dolphin comes up to eat the fish. After eating the fish, he goes back to perform. Without the incentive of a fish, it will not perform. A timely stimulus will ensure that the dolphin performance is repeated. Similarly, the enterprise in the daily operation management, timely and sufficient to give employees especially ordinary employees should have incentives to get “the right time” perception, is directly related to the staff’s enthusiasm and work efficiency.
How can we encourage the right time? In short, when the work of subordinates is or has reached the best time, the incentive effect is the best; premature or delayed incentives will not achieve good results, and even counterproductive. “Incentive” is a kind of resources, if the subordinate slightly performance praise, praise praise today tomorrow, it is easy to let the other satisfaction; if the subordinate performance is very hard, but also have a good performance, the leadership did not praise, it is easy to let subordinates frustrated. This requires managers to seriously understand the needs of subordinates, grasp the working conditions of subordinates, in the process of staff efforts to give timely and adequate incentives, and careful care. From this point of view, superior will never be a good leader.
Question 2: where is the occasion – where does it motivate?
The incentive for employees, must be serious. Take praise for example. First of all, managers must praise their subordinates in the workplace. In reality, many people have had this experience: some managers in the workplace never praised his subordinates, often in some informal occasions, for example on a few “nice” words in daily conversations, the feeling is in recognition of subordinates, but such praise is very casual, not only here people do not care, do not care who is praised.
Second, even work occasions should pay attention to distinguish between public praise and private praise. Not all praise needs to be carried out openly, sometimes managers call subordinates to the office to give praise and reward alone, but the effect will be better. According to the organizational culture, specific affairs, incentive objects and subordinate characteristics, the incentive is selectively carried out in order to achieve the best results.
Question 3: ways – how to motivate?
“Allow employees to be respected,” which should be a code of conduct for employee motivation. Still praise, for example, must be able to speak of the employee’s heart when the manager praises it. Mr. Jack Welch, the former president of the Ge Corp, kept a small pile of paper on his desk. The supervisor, the workshop worker, and even the hourly worker may have inadvertently received a note from Welch. The tone on the note was cordial, a kind of encouragement from the heart, and a powerful influence.

3D print out the tie

In New York, a company called “Thursday Finest” fashion team, they have recently made a new attempt to tie making use of 3D printing technology, in their own words: “this is woven tie the best in the world!”
Dare to call themselves the tie is the best in the world is Thursday Finest with the traditional tie, tie workshops have a world of difference, Thursday Finest allows users to customize data on our website, to make your own love tie.
The whole process can be tailored and selective rich, including color length can according to customer specified delivery data, raw materials used in the performance of good Merino wool as raw materials for the guests to tie, comfortable wearing feeling.
But it is not to say that can be completely customized according to the guest’s own willingness to make, at least not yet completed, Thursday Finest will be well established on the site in the set pattern, flower type, pattern and color, if customers have no idea, can also use the recommended color designer, the last customer to enter their height, Thursday Finest provides up to 18 the length of the tie, in order to meet the needs of most people.

The inspiration of a black tie and a white collar to Chinese

In the past the “51” Golden Week “period, precisely, is May 3rd and May 5th these two days, there are many Japanese in Tokyo overseas Chinese were wearing black tie and white tie, a day to visit the famous castle garden in a new spirit of leaders of his wife’s funeral, a day to visit the famous a new leader in The Heights Hotel Chun daughter’s wedding. In the face of such a wedding etiquette, some topic is worth discussing.
First of all, the Castle Peak Garden in Tokyo was formed in 1874. It is one of the famous funeral sites in japan. Many Japanese heavyweight funerals have been held here, while Japanese civilians have been denied funerals for economic reasons. The The Heights Hotel was once the home of P Yamakenyutomo, Japan, and now belongs to one of Japan’s “tall” hotels. Its courtyard has been rated as one of Japan’s “hundred beauties””. In the hotel’s words, “the wedding that can be held at the The Heights Hotel is not the average person.”.” It should be said that the two new leaders will not take off their wealth, but they are in Japan for many years, hope to be able to give their relatives a decent”. To organize major events related to the life in such places, clearly shows that Japan Overseas Chinese economy and improve the standard, according to overseas Chinese in Japan to enhance the social status and also shows their hearts in a family of earnest feelings, which bring the warmth of the people difficult to forget.
Secondly, according to the Japanese social custom, when attending a funeral, each man to wear a black tie; when the wedding, each of the men to wear a white tie. When many new overseas Chinese attend the event, they wear ties of different colors in accordance with local customs. This shows not only a respect for the local folk, but also a manifestation of their integration into the local community. Go to overseas, we often speak of a word is “rome”. In fact, when the purpose is not to own except in DNA blood culture and national heritage, but to integrate into a foreign society, to obtain greater development in the land. When it comes to different cultures, people pay attention to their differences and exclusion. In fact, they are inclusive and inclusive in the process of communication. In a sense, respect for local customs and habits is also respect for oneself.
Finally, this kind of marriage and burial activities also allow new overseas Chinese to re understand the meaning of life. A funeral is a farewell to a dying life. A wedding is a prelude to a new life. The funeral, the owner’s wife died of cancer, just 53 years old, so that people can not help crying tears pity. Overseas Chinese in Japan, especially in the beginning of reform and opening up a group that travelled to Japan Japan new overseas Chinese, how to cherish their health, how to “medical treatment” to “preventive medicine” era, to “self care” more effort, can do in-depth thinking. In the face of a young happy couple, see they are engaged in education, also let the new overseas Chinese feel a relief, received a good education in a foreign country is necessary, and that a good education is to cultivate a culture, a tradition. New overseas Chinese also have qualified successors.

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